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Open Positions: Job Offers

The IMP is a world-class research institute addressing questions of molecular biology. Become one of our 250 staff members and enjoy a stimulating environment and outstanding conditions.

The Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP) offers opportunities to scientists at any career levels: from undergrads to Master and PhD students, to postdocs, to Group Leaders and Senior Scientists.

The IMP provides significant means, services and facilities to ensure that scientists can focus their time and energy on research. Assignments for research positions are limited in time, supporting a dynamic composition of the faculty and other scientists.

Service staff, including those in administrative positions, enjoy a dynamic, international work environment with a strong, unifying vision – contributing to world-class research.

All staff members enjoy a number of benefits including: competitive salaries; social insurance (full health, accident and unemployment insurance; pension scheme); 5 weeks of paid holidays per year; and a range of in-house measures to support a healthy work-life balance, such as a subsidised cafeteria, social activities, sports funding and a Child Care Center.

Currently Open Positions

Graduate Student and Postdoc opportunities

Apply for graduate studies / research

PhD and master student applicants are encouraged to read the information on the relevant pages and for Summer School and / or VBC PhD Programme.

Apply for Postdoc positions

Please note our general page on postdoc opportunities. If your profile matches the subject of one of our research groups, then please send your application directly to the relevant Principal Investigator. We encourage applications regardless of whether or not a specific position is advertised here – we are always happy to learn about good postdoc candidates and funding opportunities can be explored after an initial contact is made.

Apply for any other positions

For any position at the IMP, you may contact the HR department or check this page for job openings, which are advertised above.