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Outgoing talent

IMP staff are trained to the highest standards so they can contribute their best to scientific research, at the IMP and beyond. In these interviews, we highlight people of the IMP who are on their way to their next career step.

These interviewees were first featured in "IMPloyable talent", a series of interviews published on the IMP's LinkedIn page to increase their visibility in the scientific community, both in academia and in industry.

Lesly Calderon
IMP Postdoc (Busslinger lab)

Mehrta Shirzadian
IMP PhD student (Balzarotti lab)

Rushad Pavri
IMP Group leader

Krista Gert
IMP PhD student (Pauli lab)

Jelle Jacobs
IMP Postdoc (Stark lab)

Francesca Ester Morreale
IMP Postdoc (Clausen lab)

Maximilian von der Linde
IMP Research Assistant (Pavri lab)

Keisuke Ishihara
IMP Postdoc (Tanaka lab)

Katarina Belačić
IMP PhD Student (Haselbach lab)

Mihaela Peycheva
IMP Research Assistant (Pavri lab)

Wouter Masselink
IMP Postdoc (Tanaka lab)

Vanja Haberle
IMP Postdoc (Stark lab)

Akane Kawaguchi
IMP Postdoc (Tanaka lab)