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Funding opportunities

The IMP is in the privileged position to offer scientists a wealth of services, facilities, and other resources. Roughly a third of the institute’s annual expenditures are covered through external grants. The IMP supports its scientists and successful applicants for research positions in securing external funding for their research.

IMP scientists are very successful in securing external funding for their research and we consider this to be an important indicator for the high scientific standard at the institute. For example, IMP scientists make the institute one of the most successful host institutions in ERC grant applications, with a success rate well over 50 percent. In our “achievements and honours” section, you will find extensive lists of grants that have been awarded to the IMP by year.

In order to maximise the prospects of receiving grants and optimising their management, the IMP provides administrative, financial, and legal support to its scientists for all grant-related matters. This includes general advice as well as support in specific applications, contract negotiation, project controlling, financial project reporting and project auditing.

In-house grants management services

Services related to external funding are offered by the IMP’s grants management department, with experienced staff members who are vital for ensuring both high amounts of external funding and little administrative distraction for scientists receiving grants.

The IMP grant management department is a contact point for PhD students, postdocs, Group Leaders and Senior Scientists. It acts as the interface between IMP scientists and funding agencies. All applications filed by IMP scientists have to be approved by the grants management department prior to submission.

A catalogue with an overview of funding opportunities, summarising the most important key facts to facilitate a pre-selection, is available to IMP staff members on request. Applicants that are endorsed for research positions can also benefit from the grants management services.