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Group leader at the IMP

The IMP offers positions for principal investigators at different levels of their career. For any level, the package on offer is extremely attractive, with easy access to facilities, generous funding and modern service resources that put the IMP among those institutions in the world that define the highest standard for scientific work environments.

IMP Group Leaders enjoy full academic freedom, generous support via a core budget and core positions,  and excellent services. Academically, group leaders of the IMP are part of a vibrant community: the Vienna BioCenter PhD Program and Summer School ensure access to great students, the seminars and lecture series on campus attract outstanding speakers, and the IMP is highly attractive for excellent postdocs.

The atmosphere at the IMP is stimulating and cooperative, new Group Leaders will immediately find opportunities to interact and collaborate with their peers at the IMP and other institutes of the Vienna Biocenter.

The IMP has been the most important step in my scientific career. It allowed me free and creative thinking and independent research to address novel questions.

Thomas Jenuwein, Director at the Max Planck Institute for Immunobiology and Epigenetics

IMP Group Leaders

The IMP Group Leader stage is typically entered after several successful years of postdoc experience, but some Group Leaders move to the IMP with already established labs. IMP Group Leaders are appointed for 5 years. They are reviewed after four years and, if successful, can be extended for another 3 years.

IMP Senior Group Leaders

IMP Senior Group Leaders are distinguished researchers on “rolling tenure” positions, which means that their work is evaluated every five years as a basis for extending their positions. There is no final limit on their assignment as IMP Senior Group Leaders.