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News and Media

Learn about current research, browse the news archive, or find background information on the institute. If you cannot find what you are looking for, the IMP Communications Department will be happy to assist you with your request.

21 Oct 2020

Alternative to "gold standard" PCR: RT-LAMP for cheap and fast SARS-CoV-2 detection

An inter-institute team of scientists around Julius Brennecke (IMBA) and Andrea Pauli (IMP) developed a new SARS-CoV-2 detection method: by rather…

08 Oct 2020

International Birnstiel Award goes to six outstanding young scientists

In the second year of the International Birnstiel Award for Doctoral Studies in the Molecular Life Sciences, six exceptional young scientists were…

07 Oct 2020

Targeting cell fate regulators to treat rare skin cancer

A new type of therapy shows promising results in Merkel cell carcinoma.

30 Sep 2020

Patterning cells over time: an added dimension in development

The differentiation of cells is a fundamental aspect of developmental biology. Scientists from the lab of Luisa Cochella have now found a novel…

17 Sep 2020

Vienna Covid-19 Detection Initiative (VCDI)

The Vienna Covid-19 Detection Initiative (VCDI) was formed as a collaborative, inter-institutional effort to combat the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

09 Sep 2020

City of Vienna honours Meinrad Busslinger

Since 1947, the City of Vienna honours residents distinguished in a range of disciplines with the “Preis der Stadt Wien” awards for their life…

04 Sep 2020

Evomet – a project to train future leaders in metastasis research

The IMP is one of thirteen European institutions participating in the four-year project ‘Deconstructing the evolution of metastasis’ (Evomet).

03 Sep 2020

ERC Starting Grant awarded to Clemens Plaschka

The European Research Council (ERC) has selected Clemens Plaschka's research for funding under the Horizon 2020 Excellent Science scheme.

27 Aug 2020

Cross-border project to investigate how emotional memories are formed

The Austrian Science Fund FWF has awarded a D-A-CH Grant to IMP Group Leader Wulf Haubensak for an international project studying how the brain stores…

14 Aug 2020

A clue on how pigeons "see" the Earth’s magnetic field

Many animals have a sense to detect the Earth’s magnetic field, demonstrated most impressively by seasonal journeys of migratory birds. The molecular…