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News and Media

Current news and developments from the IMP. For frequent updates, also consider following us on mastodon or twitter

21 Sep 2023

Scientists show how cells build protein destruction signals

In an international research effort, scientists have investigated how unwanted proteins in the cell are tagged for degradation. By combining…
21 Sep 2023

Enhancing biodiversity at the Vienna BioCenter

The Vienna BioCenter is flanked by urban green oases, home to many plants, insects, and small vertebrates. Institutes on campus are dedicated to…
20 Sep 2023

Two Life Science Research Awards for IMP PhD graduates

The Austrian Society for Molecular Biosciences and Biotechnology (ÖGMBT) acknowledges the outstanding contribution of young scientists through the…
19 Sep 2023

Immunologists reveal how the Pax5 protein regulates B cell development and commitment

The IMP has a long history of research with Pax5, an essential transcription factor for B cell development: Deputy Scientific Director Meinrad…
18 Sep 2023

Karl Landsteiner Award for Louisa Hill

Louisa Hill, former PhD student in the lab of Meinrad Busslinger, received the Karl Landsteiner Award of the Austrian Society of Allergology and…
13 Sep 2023

Jan Löwe to give Max Birnstiel Lecture

The IMP will welcome Jan Löwe, Director of the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (UK), for a Max Birnstiel Lecture.
05 Sep 2023

ERC Starting Grants: historic triple triumph for the IMP

The European Research Council (ERC) has chosen three IMP group leaders to receive funding under the EU’s Horizon Programme. Moritz Gaidt, Diana…
31 Aug 2023

Vienna BioCenter Summer School 2023 ends with symposium at IMP

The 13th Vienna BioCenter Summer School concluded with the traditional symposium. The event at the IMP lecture hall gave the 22 students from 18…
16 Aug 2023

A two-faced molecule: deciphering cohesin’s dual role

Inside the microscopic cell nucleus resides our genome, a two-meter-long DNA strand meticulously organised in compact chromosomes by cohesin, a…
26 Jul 2023

Competitive BIF fellowships for two IMP PhD students

Two PhD students at the IMP were awarded prestigious fellowships by the Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds: Monika Heinzl (Stark Lab) and Patty Rothe…