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Postdoc opportunities

Being part of the IMP as a postdoc means doing research in an exciting and professional organisation. IMP provides postdocs with a stimulating academic culture, world-class research groups and outstanding facilities. In short, a postdoc at the IMP could be the perfect stepping stone for any research career.

IMP postdocs enjoy the services, facilities and other resources available to IMP scientists – from scientific services to grants management. Postdocs are embedded into the Vienna Biocenter, a research community of more than 280 postdoctoral researchers in approximately 150 research groups, who support and challenge each other.

Postdocs get inspired by the IMP’s weekly seminars and events, many of which draw the world’s leading biologists to Vienna. IMP Postdocs have opportunities to help organise symposia or conferences. Most of all, IMP postdocs have any means to do the kind of bold science your curiosity demands.

Meet past and current IMP Postdocs

Vienna International Postdoctoral Program

Since 2019, VIP2 adds another attractive opportunity for postdoctoral researchers. VIP2 is a three-year postdoctoral fellowship program open to candidates with backgrounds in biology, chemistry, physics, medicine, engineering, computer science, and bioinformatics.

VIP2 fosters scientific independence by selecting people whose projects have the potential to develop into distinct research lines, and by providing access to scientific support facilities at their host institution and at the Vienna BioCenter Core Facilities.

Recruiting postdocs in three international calls for 15 positions each, VIP2 enables participants to select a main research group and academic mentor according to their specific project. They are supported by a second mentor that can come from the Vienna BioCenter biotech sector or from our alumni network. Further information can be found at

VIP2 Postdoc Programme

VIP2 is supported by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No. 847548. 

"It was fantastic to be at the IMP. Every time I entered the building I was a little proud of working at this place, and the IMP in fact continues to be the benchmark against which I measure all other institutes."

Silke Hauf, IMP Postdoc until 2003, now Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech

Work conditions for IMP postdocs

Generous funding - and the effective way in which these funds are spent - have made the IMP an exceptionally thrilling place to be. IMP scientists have called the institute a "scientific heaven", with lean administration provided by dedicated staff, fully funded and non-bureaucratic access to scientific services at state-of-the-art facilities, and a stimulating, collaborative environment.

Postdocs at the IMP are mentored by some of the world’s best molecular biologists. Principal Investigators push postdocs to use their talent to its full potential. The culture at the institute is personal: of the 250 staff members, about 200 are scientists. Cooperation with postdocs from other Vienna BioCenter institutes, universities and research institutes in Vienna guarantee that IMP postdocs are always surrounded by like-minded people. Together with postdocs at the Vienna BioCenter, IMP postdocs attend annual retreats and similar social opportunities.

Postdoc Invited Speaker Series

For the "Postdoc Invited Speaker Series", early-career Group Leaders are invited to present their work at the Vienna BioCenter and interact with its postdocs. Alongside communicating science, the series also encourages invited speakers to share career advice and their own experience in getting to the Junior Group Leader stage.

Open positions and further information

Applications from suitable postdoc candidates are welcome anytime, please note our page on funding opportunities. For further information, and to screen current advertisements, please review our "open positions" page and see the section for postdocs on the Vienna BioCenter training website at: