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Beyond IMP

The IMP takes great pride in the success of its outgoing colleagues and alumni. Former students, postdocs, and group leaders are an impressive international network – and testimony to the IMP’s high academic standard. This page celebrates the successes of hard-working researchers who made good use of the IMP as a stepping stone in their career.

Since the establishment of the IMP in 1985, many academic careers were in part spent at the institute. Today, the IMP has around 280 staff members, which is still small enough to foster a personal atmosphere. As an entity of this size, ties between individuals are strong and we are committed to boosting our outgoing colleagues and maintaining close relationships with our alumni.

IMP: empowering scientific careers

If you are reading this page because you consider applying for a job at the IMP, you may also want to look up IMP Alumni on LinkedIn (where you also find a dedicated IMP Alumni Group), browse ResearchGate, or read reviews on Glassdoor. You will quickly find others confirm that research at the IMP empowers scientists to high-flying careers.

Are you an IMP alumnus or alumna?

If you are an IMP alumnus or alumna yourself but are no longer linked to IMP – then please do get in touch! Join our LinkedIn Alumni Group and drop us a line so we can include you in our alumni directory.

IMP Alumni Greetings

A testimonial video with greetings from IMP Alumni first presented on the occasion of the opening of the new IMP building on 1 March 2017.