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Ref2009: Master’s Thesis in cryo electron microscopy

There is an opportunity for a Master’s thesis in the newly established Haselbach lab in the Research Institute of Molecular Pathology. The lab is studying the dynamics of macromolecular machines using single particle cryo EM.

The successful applicant will be involved in a project focusing the structural dynamics of the proteasome in stress and disease states. He/she will be introduced to protein complex purification, transmission electron microcopy and computational structure determination. Additionally, applicants with programming or math background can be involved in the development of new image processing strategies.

An interest in structural biology and biophysics is an essential pre-requisite. The successful applicant will receive a monthly stipend.

To apply please send a CV and a cover letter to david.haselbach[at] 


Please note that we do not offer a full master program. Applicants will need to enroll or be enrolled in a master programme that allows for research to be conducted at external institutions.