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Ref2321: Master's Student in Physics or Engineering

The research group of Francisco Balzarotti at the Research Institute for Molecular Pathology (IMP) offers a position for highly motivated Master's Student, who is interested in the fields of optics, super reso­lution microscopy and single molecule tracking.

Our Group

We develop novel optical methods and instrumentation for the observation of biological phenomena with the highest fidelity. We focus on schemes that require outstanding performance in terms of spa­tial and/or temporal resolution, such as super resolution fluorescence imaging and single-molecule tracking. By bringing together expertise in optics, labelling and photophysics, we develop solutions to transverse obstacles in biology and biophysics within a highly collaborative envi­ronment.

The Projects

The advent of Super Resolution Microscopy has un­locked the access to spatial resolutions beyond the diffraction limit of visible light (~250nm), becoming an invaluable tool for exploring the structure and function of biological processes. The recently introduced MINFLUX concept has pushed even further the possibilities of molecu­lar localization in terms of spatio-temporal resolution. Driven by these concepts, the successful candidates will integrate to ongoing projects that involve

(i) development of optical instrumentation,
(ii) photophysics of fluorescent emitters,
(iii) statistical studies and simulations of super resolution technologies or
(iv) super resolution imaging and single molecule tracking experiments

The Candidates

The candidates should be curious, creative and excited about learning new topics and skills! Despite the emphasis on technology development within our group, a candidate with experience/knowledge/interest in biol­ogy will make a great match. This is the driving force of our environment at the Vienna BioCenter, where there is extensive exposure to diverse topics in biology.

Successful candidates should hold a a BSc degree or equivalent in the fields of physics or engineer­ing.

Additionally, the following aspects are desirable:

  • Theoretical and/or hands-on experience in optics
  • Programming proficiency in Py­thon, MATLAB, LabView, FPGA and/or GPU
  • Experience with electronics (circuitry, microcontrollers, high frequency/high voltage)
  • Experience in statistics, stochastic processes and/or control theory

Our Environment

The Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP) in Vienna is a basic biomedical research institute largely spon­sored by Boehringer Ingelheim. With over 200 scientists from 40 coun­tries, the IMP is committed to scientific discovery of fundamental mo­lecular and cellular mechanisms underlying complex biological phe­nomena. The IMP is located at the Vienna BioCenter, one of Europe’s most dynamic life science hubs with more than 3,000 employees from 80 countries in six research institutions, two universities and two dozen biotech companies.


Interested candidates should send their application (motivation letterCVcontact details for references) directly by email to francisco.balzarotti[at]

The Master's Student position is remunerated.