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Purchasing and Store

The team of the Purchasing Department order, stock and allocate goods and services for hundreds of employees. Their work, although easily overlooked, is a foundation for everybody doing research at the IMP smoothly and efficiently. 

Consumables, chemicals, equipment, coordinating service- and repair issues, hard- and software; whatever scientists need to keep their research work in full swing, the Purchasing Department and Store will provide it. What is not in stock and readily available around the clock from the store will be ordered.

The Purchasing Department compares suppliers, negotiates contracts, orders, handles import requirements and supervises deliveries; everything to free up time of researchers.

Scientists at the IMP frequently praise the high standards of the services offered by the motivated and experienced team at Purchasing Department and Store. They are the people in the background who ensure that any product or service a scientist may need is available when it is needed. The Purchasing Department is a shared facility of IMP and IMBA.