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Accounting and Controlling

The Accounting and Controlling Department takes care of sound financial management and acts as the interface between scientists and contracted suppliers. The IMP performs many different roles: a world-class research institute, an educational institution, a conference venue, a sizeable employer, a restaurant. One thing that each of these roles build on is efficient and sound accounting and controlling. 

Sound financial management is vital for the smooth operation of any institution, especially true for a complex organisation such as a research institute. The Accounting and Controlling Department operates mostly in the background, but it is contributing to the over-arching scientific mission of the IMP by freeing researchers and other specialists from administrative obligations.

The financial management of the IMP includes documentation and reporting, dealing with Austrian and other public authorities, or the coordination of budgetary planning, expenditures and reporting of research groups and other core facilities. The staff of this department comprises experienced specialists with international work experience – all motivated to allow scientists to keep the science first. Accounting and Controlling are shared between IMP and IMBA.