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The IMP is a medium-sized research institute with approximately 250 staff members. It is privately owned and legally organised as a company registered in Austria. The IMP’s structure is rather simple, comprising research groups, services, and the management. In addition, an advisory board steers scientific issues and a supervisory board reflects the ownership structure.

The IMP is comprised of approximately 250 people, of which about 200 are scientists in one of the 16 research groups or scientific services; about 50 colleagues work in administrative roles. The IMP is largely funded by Boehringer Ingelheim and research grants; its management includes one managing director for scientific matters and one managing director for finance and administration.

The Scientific Advisory Board and Supervisory Board ("Beirat") play important roles in steering the strategy of the institute and reviewing its work. The Scientific Advisory Board is composed of distinguished scientists, while the Supervisory Board includes representatives of Boehringer Ingelheim and the IMP.

The IMP is embedded into Vienna BioCenter and cooperates on various levels with different entities that are also Vienna BioCenter members.

IMP Organisational Chart