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Opening Conference: a scientific housewarming

The IMP Opening Conference, held 4 to 6 October 2017, was the scientific housewarming of the new IMP building. Current members, alumni and friends of the house came together to a research conference with an outstanding spirit.

Speakers Gallery

Outstanding speakers formed the backbone of the IMP opening conference: recruited among alumni, past and present Scientific Advisory Board members and other friends of the IMP, their talks addressed topics such as immunology, cancer, epigenetics and gene regulation, development, neurobiology, as well as molecular and cell biology.

Speakers on the IMP

Some of our distinguished speakers provided very kind testimonials, highlighting the role of the IMP as the heart, seed and flagship of the Vienna BioCenter.

Embedded Events Gallery

The IMP Opening Conference featured some special events outside of the academic and social programs, most importantly the award ceremonies of the Beug Foundation for metastasis research and the Kirsten Peter Rabitsch Award for the best PhD thesis.

Social and Networking Gallery

What made this conference special? Academic excellence of the highest standard combined with the spirit of a family reunion. This scientific housewarming event became unique through the people who attended it - filling the new building with the hearts and minds of IMP members from over 30 years.

Quotes from the Conference Gallery