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Directions to the IMP

The IMP is conveniently located half way between Vienna’s city centre and the International Airport. The central railway station is a few tram stops away and both motorway and subway links are within easy reach. Here, you find detailed information how to get to the IMP.

For travel advice, please read the instructions below or call our reception at +43 (1) 797 30.

Address / Location

Approaching the IMP (marked with red frame) from Viehmarktgasse.

Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP)
Campus-Vienna-Biocenter 1
1030 Vienna

IMP on Google Maps

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Getting to the IMP...

Vienna's International Airport is located about 19 kilometres southeast of the IMP and is connected by rail, bus and a motorway.

Airport to IMP

There are two train connections from the Airport to the City. The metropolitan railway ("S7" = line No. 907 WIEN FLORIDSDORF – FLUGHAFEN WIEN – WOLFSTHAL and back; which usually runs every 30 minutes and takes 19 minutes to travel); and the City Airport Train (CAT), as well as a shuttle bus or taxis.

Regional train S7: The metropolitan railway S7 stops at “St. Marx/Vienna Biocenter”, which is 200 metres from the IMP. When embarking at the airport, the direction is given as “Floridsdorf”. The S7 is generally the fastest and cheapest public transport link to the IMP.

Express Train CAT: The CAT is an express train, but it only stops downtown at “Wien Mitte/Landstraße”, so a second connection is required to get to the IMP: take the 74A bus to the stop “St. Marx”. Combined, the journey may take longer than the S7.

Shuttle Bus: Alternatively, you can take a Vienna Airport Lines shuttle bus, which will take you to Vienna's central train station (Hauptbahnhof Wien). From there, the No.18 tram (direction “Schlachthausgasse”) will take you to the stop “Viehmarktgasse”, around the corner from the IMP.

Taxi: If you catch a taxi from the airport to the IMP, the ride will take about 20 minutes and costs around 35 EURO.

Travelling to Vienna by train, you will most probably arrive at one of the city’s two main train stations, either “Wien Hauptbahnhof” or the Vienna Western Train Station – “Westbahnhof”.

From “Wien Hauptbahnhof”, the No.18 tram (direction “Schlachthausgasse”) will take you to the stop “Viehmarktgasse”, around the corner from the IMP. The trip should take under 10 minutes.

Also from “Westbahnhof” the No.18 tram (direction “Schlachthausgasse”) will take you to the stop “Viehmarktgasse”. The travelling time from Westbahnhof is about 25 minutes.

If you arrive via the motorway A23, take the exit called “St. Marx”. Drivers coming via the A4 should exit at “Knoten Prater”.

Parking near the IMP

On the streets surrounding the IMP (3rd district), parking during the day (Monday to Friday, 9 a.m.-10 p.m.) is only possible with prepaid tickets and restricted to 2 hours at a time.