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VBC PhD Programme: apply by 15 November

01 Nov 2017

The deadline for the winter call of the VBC PhD Programme is closing in: if you want to pursue a PhD in one of the World's most vibrant molecular biology hubs, issue your application by 15 November 2017. Several labs from the IMP are recruiting.

The Vienna BioCenter (VBC) PhD Programme in Life Sciences has been successfully running since 1993, providing students from all over the world with exceptional training. 

As a student at the VBC PhD Programme, you will be supervised by a top scientist and have full access to state-of-the-art facilities, thus giving you an opportunity to launch a successful scientific career.

Participating IMP Labs

For the ongoing winter call 2017, the following principal investigators with labs at the IMP are recruiting: Elly Tanaka, Meinrad Busslinger, Tim Clausen, Alexander Stark, Andrea Pauli, Luisa Cochella, David Keays, Anna Obenauf, Manuel Zimmer, David Haselbach and Rushad Pavri.

The Vienna BioCenter is extremely dynamic and highly multidisciplinary with research areas ranging from molecules to populations.

The VBC PhD Programme is jointly organized by IMP, GMI, IMBA, and MFPL; the degree is awarded by the University of Vienna. The VBC programme has established itself as one of the premier programs in biology and life sciences in the heart of Europe.

More about the VBC PhD Programme 

Meet recruiting IMP Principal Investigators

For a full list of labs participating in the ongoing call, please see the links above. The photos below do now include Tim Clausen and Elly Tanaka, who are also recruiting IMP PIs.