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26 Oct 2000

Splitting up is hard to do

Scientists at the IMP have identified a universal mechanism which regulates the distribution of genetic information in dividing cells.
07 Aug 2000

It's all about the packaging

IMP scientists are able to show how important the correct packaging of DNA is for cell division to proceed flawlessly.
16 Sep 1999

Chromosome tug-of-war

Scientists at the Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP) unravel further details in the regulation of cell division.
06 Jul 1999

Wittgenstein Award for Kim Nasmyth

The "Austrian Nobel Prize" goes to IMP director Kim Ashley Nasmyth for his research on the regulation of cell division.
14 Nov 1996

Kim Nasmyth receives Unilever Science Prize 1996

On 14 November, IMP director Kim Nasmyth received the Unilever Science Prize from the Dutch Prime Minister Wim Kok.
25 Oct 1996

Wittgenstein Award for Erwin Wagner

Senior Scientist and Deputy Director Erwin F. Wagner is the first recipient of the newly established research prize of the Austrian government.
06 Mar 1996

Yeast provides insight into human development

IMP scientists uncover a transport mechanism in yeast which also plays an important role in human embryonic development.