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News and Media

Learn about current research, browse the news archive, or find background information on the institute. If you cannot find what you are looking for, the IMP Communications Department will be happy to assist you with your request.

17 Dec 2018

FWF Grant for Rushad Pavri to study aspects of gene regulation

IMP Group Leader Rushad Pavri has secured a stand-alone grant by the Austrian Science Fund FWF. The grant is worth € 398,000 and will support his...

13 Dec 2018

New website for Vienna BioCenter

The Vienna BioCenter has a new website: is a modern, central information point for the umbrella spanning four research...

06 Dec 2018

Award of Excellence for Annika Nichols

The Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research has presented an Award of Excellence to Annika Nichols, a former VBC PhD-student in...

05 Dec 2018

Scientists discover “brain hot-spot” for drugs against fear

The ways in which psychiatric drugs work on the level of neural networks are often poorly understood. A team of scientists led by Wulf Haubensak could...

03 Dec 2018

Elly Tanaka receives Erwin Schrödinger Award

IMP Senior Scientist Elly Tanaka is one of the recipients of this year’s Erwin Schrödinger Award, bestowed by the Austrian Academy of Sciences. She is...

27 Nov 2018

ERC Consolidator Grant for David Keays

Over the next five years, David Keays' research on the neurological basis of the magnetic sense will be supported with a Consolidator Grant of the...

20 Nov 2018

Andrea Pauli selected EMBO Young Investigator

IMP Group Leader Andrea Pauli is one of 26 researchers that have been selected to join the Young Investigators Programme of the European Molecular...

08 Nov 2018

Lauwers Award for Sarah Herberg

To mark the end of the annual Vienna BioCenter PhD Students’ Symposium, this year's Mattias Lauwers Award was presented to Sarah Herberg, a VBC PhD...

24 Oct 2018

VBC PhD Symposium “Metamorphosis – Transforming Science”

The 16th Vienna BioCenter PhD Symposium, entitled “Metamorphosis – Transforming Science”, will be held at the IMP from 8 to 9 November, 2018.

22 Oct 2018

Thomas Cech to give Max Birnstiel Lecture

Tom Cech's talk ‘Shedding some Light on the Dark Matter of the Genomic Universe’ will be given in the IMP Lecture Hall on 24 October 2018.