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09 Sep 2019

Dan Finley to give Max Birnstiel Lecture

The Max Birnstiel Lecture 'Global Remodeling of the Proteome' will be given on Wednesday, 18 September 2019.

03 Sep 2019

Incoming IMP scientist Francisco Balzarotti receives ERC Grant

Francisco Balzarotti will join the IMP as Group Leader in January 2020. He will use funds from a recently awarded ERC Starting Grant to develop a…

02 Sep 2019

10th Vienna BioCenter Summer School Symposium

The Vienna BioCenter Summer School has seen its 10th anniversary this year, and celebrated the occasion with high-flying scientific talks, posters,…

28 Aug 2019

Minister visits the IMP and Vienna BioCenter

Austria's Federal Minister for Education, Science and Research, Iris Rauskala, has visited the IMP and Vienna BioCenter Core Facilities today.

27 Aug 2019

iBiology talk on role of Cohesin and CTCF in folding DNA

In a recently filmed two-part lecture, IMP scientific director Jan-Michael Peters elaborates on how Cohesin and CTCF fold DNA in mammalian genomes.…

08 Jul 2019

Two new FWF stand-alone grants to support IMP research

In its latest decision board meeting, the Austrian Science Fund FWF has granted substantial support to two IMP research projects. Both Luisa Cochella…

06 Jun 2019

Angelika Amon celebrated at IMP

For the first time since she was awarded a Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences, IMP alumna and board member Angelika Amon visited the Vienna…

03 Jun 2019

Ub Ub Hurraah - for the 6th time in Vienna

The 6th "Ubiquitin and Friends" symposium took place on 20-21st of May at the historic Billrothhaus in Vienna. Here, Tim Clausen (IMP) and Yasin…

31 May 2019

EMBO workshop to discuss genome organisation by SMC complexes

The European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) will hold the workshop “Organization of bacterial and eukaryotic genomes by SMC complexes” at the…

29 May 2019

Video tutorial: how to use SLAMseq for profiling transcriptional responses to drugs

In a new video format, IMP scientist Matthias Muhar explains step by step how SLAMseq can be used to profile cells’ transcriptional responses to…