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Two prestigious postdoc fellowships for Kevin Sabath

04 Jul 2024
Kevin Sabath secured two prestigious fellowships to support his research.

Kevin Sabath, postdoctoral researcher in the labs of Alexander Stark and Clemens Plaschka, was awarded two prestigious accolades: an EMBO Postdoc Fellowship and a “Postoc.Mobility” fellowship of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF).

Two highly competitive and thus prestigious postdoc fellowships were awarded to IMP postdoc Kevin Sabath: his applications for both EMBO Postdoc Fellowship and Postdoc.Mobility of the Swiss National Science Foundation fellowship were successful. The recognition will support Sabath’s research on the mechanisms of DNA transcription from a certain class of promoters.

Fitting with the interdisciplinary nature of his project, Sabath’s position is anchored in two labs - that of Alexander Stark and Clemens Plaschka. Using the strengths of both labs, he will use a combination of structural biology, biochemical, and functional genomics approaches to shed light on the molecular basis of transcription initiation from the class of mammalian promoters. The transcription of protein-coding genes is a fundamental step in all lifeforms. In animals, plants, or fungi, transcription begins with the controlled assembly of a pre-initiation complex at certain DNA sequences, the promoters. The most abundant promoter class in mammals is the “CpG-islandW promoter-type” (CGI), but compared to other promoter types, not much is known about its transcription initiation mechanism.

“CGI promoters are very common, and they play a crucial role in the regulation of gene expression in mammalian genomes,” says Kevin Sabath. “I am confident that my research on CGI promoter function will provide fundamental insights into the regulation of mammalian transcription in general. I am very grateful that this potential is also recognised by EMBO and the SNF.”

Kevin Sabath studied biochemistry at the University of Tübingen, where he also did his Master’s. Following this, he conducted his PhD research in the lab of Stefanie Jonat at ETH Zurich (Switzerland). Sabath joined the IMP as a postdoctoral researcher in October 2023.

About the SNF Postdoc.Mobility fellowships

Postdoc.Mobility fellowships of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) fund research stays abroad of researchers who have done a PhD and who wish to pursue a scientific or an academic career in Switzerland. The fellowships include a grant for subsistence costs, a flat rate for travel expenses, and a possible contribution to research and conference costs. In addition, fellowship holders can apply for a return grant to finance their initial period of research after returning to Switzerland.

About the EMBO Postdoc Fellowship

EMBO Postdoctoral Fellowships support excellent postdoctoral researchers throughout Europe and the world for a period of up to two years. International mobility is a key requirement. The fellowship includes a salary or stipend, a relocation allowance, and support for fellows with children. Awardees can attend an EMBO Laboratory Leadership course and become part of the global network of EMBO Fellows.