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News and Media

Learn about current research, browse the news archive, or find background information on the institute. If you cannot find what you are looking for, the IMP Communications Department will be happy to assist you with your request.

24 Jun 2020

Innovative test allows Covid-19 screening without laboratory

Researchers at the Vienna BioCenter have pushed SARS-CoV-2 detection to a new level.
23 Jun 2020

Dissecting Mysterin or the Power of cryo-EM

Moyamoya disease, a blood vessel disorder that often leads to strokes, is associated with mutations in an enzyme known as “mysterin”.
22 Jun 2020

EMBO Fellowship for IMP postdoc Elad Bassat

Elad Bassat, postdoctoral researcher with Elly Tanaka’s lab at the IMP, was awarded a prestigious EMBO long-term fellowship. It will support his…
17 Jun 2020

Doc fellowships by the Austrian Academy of Sciences for two IMP students

Loni Klaus and Oliver Hendy, both PhD students in the lab of Alexander Stark, receive a prestigious DOC fellowship from the Austrian Academy of…
02 Jun 2020

2020 Ubiquitin & Friends ZOOMposium

The 2020 edition of the annual "Ubiquitin & Friends" symposium was held in a different format - participants from around the world joining in remotely…
14 May 2020

Open Call: Birnstiel Award 2020

Doubling the number of prizes, the International Birnstiel Award for Doctoral Research in Molecular Life Sciences is inviting nominations for its 2020…
05 May 2020

Safely imaging cleared tissues

Researchers and engineers develop a reusable imaging chamber that is compatible with organic solvents.
16 Apr 2020

How pure is your sample?

IMP researchers and colleagues publish a fast and reliable way to address sample heterogeneity for structural studies.
14 Apr 2020

Steps towards normal operations at IMP

In light of recent positive developments of the Covid-19 situation in Austria, the IMP and its neighbouring Vienna BioCenter institutes have started…
07 Apr 2020

IMP postdocs are successful in securing HFSP funds

Three postdocs who work at IMP labs have been awarded HSFP Long-Term Fellowships, making the latest call exceptionally successful.