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Schering Prize 2017 Award Ceremony

27 Sep 2017

Elly Tanaka was awarded the Ernst Schering Prize 2017 for "her outstanding research in the field of regeneration biology". Here you can enjoy some impressions from the award ceremony, which took place in Berlin on 25 September 2017.

The 50,000 Euro Ernst Schering Prize is one of the most prestigious German science awards. Established by the Ernst Schering Research Foundation in 1991, it has been given annually by the Ernst Schering Foundation since 2003. It honours scientists worldwide whose pioneering research has yielded new, inspiring models or led to fundamental shifts in biomedical knowledge. 

The award ceremony, held in the premises of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, drew a distinguished audience from Germany’s life sciences community.

EMBO Director Maria Leptin said about Elly Tanaka in her 'laudatio': "Elly Tanaka is a uniquely creative and independent-minded scientist. Thanks to her, we have groundbreaking insights into the regeneration capacity of organs and tissues, which were facilitated through her original application of cutting-edge analytical methods using a classic test animal, the axolotl."

The award ceremony was held jointly for the Ernst Schering Preis and the Friedmund Neumann Preis 2017 to Ivana Nikic-Spiegel. Below you find a photo gallery with some highlights. Photos: Julia Zimmermann, © Schering Stiftung.

Learn more about the research of Elly Tanaka.

Ernst Schering Prize 2017 – Photo Gallery