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IMP Opening Conference concluded: images online

08 Oct 2017

The “scientific housewarming” of the new IMP building was attended by hundreds of alumni, current institute members and friends of the house. The outstanding academic event is now covered on a designated page on this website.

Outstanding speakers formed the backbone of the IMP Opening Conference: recruited among alumni, past and present Scientific Advisory Board members and other friends of the IMP, their talks addressed topics such as immunology, cancer, epigenetics and gene regulation, development, neurobiology, as well as molecular and cell biology.

The distinguished guests included two Nobel laureates with close ties to the IMP: David Baltimore and the new Scientific Advisory Board member Sir Paul Nurse (pictured above at toasting to the IMP).

Some of the “embedded events” such as the award ceremony of the Beug Foundation and the Kirsten Peter Rabitsch award are also covered here.

The program of the Opening Conference alongside some of the photos taken there are presented at the IMP website now. A video is currently in production and will be permanently shown there soon.

IMP Opening Conference: a scientific housewarming