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IMP according to science stars: new video released

27 Nov 2017

What characterises the IMP? How significant is this institute among the many research institutes in molecular biology? In a newly released video, science stars say how they see the IMP.

In early October, the IMP celebrated its "scientific housewarming", the IMP Opening Conference, to inaugurate its new building for alumni and friends of the institute.

The distinguished guests included two Nobel laureates - Sir Paul Nurse and David Baltimore - among many other leading molecular biologists of our time, all of which have or had close ties with the IMP. Former and current members of the IMP's scientific advisory board, students, postdocs and group leaders jointly celebrated one of the great research institutes in Europe.

We used this opportunity to interview some participants of the conference and enquire how they see the IMP. This attempt to capture the spirit of this place resulted in a video that was now released: "IMP: heart, seed and flagship of the Vienna BioCenter" showcases some exceptionally kind endorsements. Already shown on social media, the video has become so popular that it is now on "permanent display" in our "IMP at a glance" section on this website.

The video also premiers a new intro in the IMP design, which will from now on precede all IMP videos. 

To the video "IMP: heart, seed and flagship of the Vienna BioCenter".