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EMBO Fellowship for IMP postdoc Elad Bassat

22 Jun 2020

Elad Bassat, postdoctoral researcher with Elly Tanaka’s lab at the IMP, was awarded a prestigious EMBO long-term fellowship. It will support his research on limb regeneration in the axolotl. 

The axolotl, a Mexican salamander species, has a unique “superpower”: the ability to regrow organs such as tail, heart, brain and even limbs. Recent advancements by the lab of Elly Tanaka allowed the mapping of the entire axolotl genome and the identification of the different cell types underlying limb regeneration. Elad Bassat’s work will build on these insights: “In my project, I aim to improve our understanding the cues which initiate and govern regeneration further.”

The EMBO Postdoctoral Fellowships are awarded for a period of up to two years and support excellent postdoctoral researchers in laboratories throughout Europe and the world. International exchange is a key requirement. EMBO Postdoctoral Fellowships also support the career development of the fellows through leadership courses and networking opportunities.

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