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Anna Obenauf’s work among 10 most impactful cancer publications

09 Feb 2022

Every year, the European Association for Cancer Research screens the best studies in cancer research and selects the 10 most impactful publications of the previous year. The latest study coming from the lab of Anna Obenauf at the IMP, published in Nature Cancer, made it to the 2022 selection.

The European Association for Cancer Research (EACR) gathers a global professional community of cancer researchers, with more than 10,000 members worldwide. The association fosters international collaborations within the field and provides various services to its members.

The association’s magazine, The Cancer Researcher, features the 10 most impactful publications of the year. The latest paper published by the lab of Anna Obenauf, group leader at the IMP, was selected in the list.

The scientists have investigated how different forms of cancer therapy can influence the efficacy of subsequent therapies. They found that administering targeted therapy first, drugs which target mutated cells, could jeopardise the effectiveness of immunotherapies in skin cancer patients – an important finding as these treatments are often given to patients in this sequence. This phenomenon, called cross-resistance, highlights the need to understand how therapies shape tumours.

The study was published in July 2021 in the journal Nature Cancer and resulted from an international collaboration lead by Lisa Haas, a recent PhD graduate from the Vienna BioCenter PhD Program.

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