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Do you have any questions about the IMP or do you need information or photographic material? Would you like to arrange an interview with scientists at the IMP? The IMP Communications Department will be happy to help you.

Current news items can be found in our “news and media” section, often including supplementary materials such as photos or original data. Our download section features photographs of our management, the new IMP building and flyers with general information. Downloads to complement press releases are sometimes provided up-front here.

Note that we also use social media to engage with the public, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact the IMP Communications Department.

Contact Information

Benedikt Mandl
Head of Communications
E-mail: benedikt.mandl[at]
Telephone: + 43 1 797 30 - 3627

Heidemarie Hurtl
Communications Manager
E-mail: heidemarie.hurtl[at]
Telephone: +43 1 797 30 - 3625

Consultants and external service providers

The IMP's communications department works with a number of external service providers, which frequently include the following:

Copywriting, editing and proof-reading
Oliver Gascoigne

Scientific editing and academic publishing support
Life Science Editors -

Katrina Woolcock - Life Science Editors
Becky Allen - freelance editor & journalist

Video production
Katharina Kämpfer -

Corporate design and print production
Gerhard Bauer and Roland Hörmann - Perndl+Co

Layout and print products
Barbara Jaumann - 

Lukas Beck -
Ludwig Schedl -

IMP Website and Social Media

The IMP website and social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube) are managed by:

Benedikt Mandl, Heidemarie Hurtl, Manuela Steurer