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Wulf Haubensak joins Young Academy of Austrian Academy of Sciences

07 May 2013

IMP Group Leader Wulf Haubensak is among the fourteen new members of the ÖAW’s Young Academy who have been appointed in this year’s election meeting. The new members received their degrees during the ceremonial meeting on May 15, 2013 in the presence of Federal President Heinz Fischer and Science Minister Karl-Heinz Töchterle.

The Young Academy has up to 70 members who are elected for a maximum duration of eight years and must be below 45 years of age. It was installed as a third body in 2007/08, in the course of the ÖAW’s reform process. Among its aims are the advancement of interdisciplinary research and the identification of innovative research areas. By the members’ own definition, the Young Academy is a think tank that provides ideas for decision makers and the public and gives young scientists a voice.