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Vienna BioCenter cryo-EM Symposium

04 Apr 2019

The first Vienna BioCenter cryo-EM Symposium will be hosted by the IMP on 3 May 2019.

The meeting is organised in collaboration with the Max F. Perutz Laboratories and the Vienna BioCenter Core Facilities and will celebrate the rapidly growing cryo-EM community in the Vienna area.

Scientific organisers are Clemens Plaschka (IMP), David Haselbach (IMP), Thomas Heuser (VBCF), and Thomas Juffmann (MFPL).

The following invited speakers will showcase newest developments in cryo-EM hardware and software as well as biological applications:

  • Carrie Bernecky (IST Austria)
  • Jose Maria Carazo (CNB-CSIC) 
  • Andrew Carter (LMB) 
  • Anchi Cheng (NYSBC)
  • Rouslan Efremov (VIB-VUB) 
  • Christos Gatsogiannis (MPI Dortmund)
  • Max Haider (CEOS GmbH) 
  • David Haselbach (IMP)
  • Thomas Juffmann (MFPL)

All participants are encouraged to present their own work during a poster session.
The deadline for registration and abstracts is 15 April 2019.

To register, please send an e-mail to cryoemsymp[at]
Participation is free of charge.

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