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Vienna BioCenter PhD Symposium “Metamorphosis – Transforming Science”

24 Oct 2018

Every year, the graduate students enrolled in the Vienna BioCenter PhD Programme independently organise an international symposium that takes place in autumn. Traditionally, the topics that are chosen cover pioneering or even futuristic scientific developments and the ensuing implications for society, often touching on controversial issues that provoke discussions.

This year, the symposium will take place on the 8th and 9th of November under the title “Metamorphosis - Transforming science”. The key theme of the symposium is the change that comes with the progress of science. The talks will revolve around cutting-edge techniques at the bench and new ways of handling big data, advances in medicine and new strategies to combat the pollution of our environment. To complement these issues, there will be talks on communication, both among scientists and between scientists and non-scientists.

In addition to talks and panel discussions, the symposium will offer opportunities for creative scientists to present posters or to take part in a Science Slam. The closing night will feature the presentation of the VBC Student Awards, including the Mattias Lauwers Award, followed by the symposium party.
Attendance of the symposium is free, registration closes on 31 October. 

More information on the programme, the speakers and the organisers:

About the Vienna BioCenter PhD Programme
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