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VBC PhD-Awards 2013

11 Nov 2013

This year’s PhD-Symposium “LIFE-TIME” traditionally ended with the announcement of the winners of the VBC PhD-Awards on November 8. These Awards are granted annually for the completion of the four most successful theses during the previous year.
Three of the 2013 awardees completed their PhD at the IMP: Evgeny Kvon and Cosmas Arnold from the Stark group and Doris Hellerschmied from the lab of Tim Clausen. In addition, Fritz Sedlacek from MFPL was honoured. A fifth award, sponsored by the journal “RNA Biology”, goes to Daniel Olivieri from the Brennecke lab at IMBA.
“The jury had a tough time selecting the best dissertations, since most of the work was of excellent quality. We could have easily awarded twice as many students”, says juror Renée Schroeder (MFPL). The other members of the jury were Fumiyo Ikeda (IMBA), Michael Nodine (GMI) and Luisa Cochella (IMP).
Each awardee receives 500 Euros and a certificate. Congratulations on your extraordinary achievements!