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VBC PhD-Award for Sebastian Krüttner

09 Nov 2012

To round off this year’s PhD Symposium on BioMimetics, the VBC PhD-Awards were presented to the five winners on November 9, 2012. Among the awardees is Sebastian Krüttner from the lab of Krystyna Keleman.

Sebastian joined the IMP as a PhD-Student in 2007 and obtained his degree in December 2011. His thesis “The role of the Drosophila CPEB protein Orb2 in long-term memory” convinced the jury – chaired by Renée Schroeder – and also made it into the journal Neuron. 

The PhD Awards are granted annually for the completion of the most successful theses of the previous year. This year, five winners were chosen out of sixteen applicants. The other awardees are Martina Dötsch (MFPL), Anita Kazda (GMI), Magdalena Paolino and Johannes Popow (both IMBA). The certificates were presented by Ortrun Mittelsten-Scheid (GMI) and Julian Vincent (University of Bath), the keynote speaker at the symposium. The awardees each received 500 Euros and the book „Complexity – A Guided Tour“ by Melanie Mitchell.