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Topping off the new IMP

23 Feb 2016

Just before Christmas last year, the new IMP-building reached its final height. That milestone was celebrated in a roof-topping ceremony which took place on Monday, February 22. This well-known tradition in the German-speaking countries involves the planting of a decorated evergreen tree on the highest point of the roof. The “Gleichenfeier”, as it is called in Austria, is an occasion for the building owner to thank the construction workers for their efforts. As a sign of appreciation, a small bonus is usually paid to the workers on that day.

From the ground-breaking on March 13, 2015, throughout the structural work, the builders encountered several unforeseen challenges. Due to massive foundations that had to be demolished, the excavation works lasted three weeks longer than planned. About 2,000 m3 of material had to be broken down – ten times the amount that was expected in the beginning. The extremely hot summer of 2015 put a lot of strain on the workers and slowed down the construction. Despite these adverse circumstances, the construction works continued uninterrupted. The delay was made up for and the building was topped off according to plan on December 18.

In total, 1,435 tons of steel bars and 11,300 m3 of concrete went into the building. For the excavation of the pit, which is up to 7.5 m deep, 20,000 m3 of soil and gravel were dug up and deposited. The largest single object that was used in the construction is the spun concrete pillar on the northwest façade - it is 16m high and weighs 12 tons.

During the structural work, around 50 workers were busy on the site every day. The focus now is on the interior installations and equipment with 115 people involved on-site.