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Tim Clausen appointed EMBO Member

27 Oct 2010

IMP Senior Scientist Tim Clausen is among the 63 life scientists who have been recognized for their outstanding research contributions by the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) today. They are awarded the life-long honour of EMBO membership, joining almost 1500 of the world's leading molecular biologists. These members are the basis for the organization's international reputation, as EMBO Director Maria Leptin pointed out in her press statement. They will help shape the direction of the life sciences in Europe.

Tim Clausen joined the IMP in 2002 to establish a new research group and introduce the field of protein crystallography to the institute. In 2005, he was elected into EMBO’s Young Investigator Program. Since January 2009, Tim holds the position of  Senior Scientist at the IMP. His work focuses on the structure and function of molecular chaperones responsible for protein quality control within the cell.

Apart from Tim Clausen, there are four more EMBO Members among the IMP faculty: Hartmut Beug, Meinrad Busslinger, Barry Dickson, and Jan-Michael Peters.