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Ripples of knowledge: a tribute to Angelika Amon

01 Dec 2020
Kim Nasmyth, Angelika Amon and Gustav Ammerer in 1988

Joining Kim Nasmyth's lab at the brand-new IMP in the winter of 1987/1988, Angelika Amon was among the first students the IMP had. Her close ties to the institute span decades during which she rose to achieve greatest academic merits.

Beyond the professional links, friendships with many past and present IMP faculty showed how much of her Viennese roots Angelika preserved while pursuing an exceptional research career at the Whitehead Institute in Boston. Between 2009 and 2019, Angelika was a member of the IMP's Scientific Advisory Board.

Following her untimely passing, Kim Nasmyth wrote a very personal tribute to Angelika and her early work in his lab, how this time shaped both their careers and contributed to shaping a major part of the IMP's history.

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Ripples of Knowledge - Reflections on Angelika Amon’s life and legacy by Kim Nasmyth