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Ralph Neumüller awarded Kirsten Peter Rabitsch Award 2007

04 Oct 2007

Ralph Neumüller from the team of Jürgen Knoblich (IMBA) is this year's winner of the Kirsten Peter Rabitsch Award. The announcement came during the official opening of this year's IMP-IMBA Recess, an internal evaluation retreat for the two institutes.

Ralph Neumüller was selected by the IMP-IMBA Scientific Advisory Board. He received the prize for his outstanding research on the role of a Brat-like protein in tumorigenesis.

The prize is awarded for the second time this year. It is sponsored by the IMP and the family of former PhD Student Kirsten Peter Rabitsch, who died tragically in Bolivia last year. The prize is meant to honour talented young scientists who have excelled at their research project during the previous year.

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