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Rabitsch Award 2017 for IMP's Mareike Roth

06 Oct 2017
Hermann Rabitsch, co-donor of the Rabitsch Award, and Mareike Roth, laureate of 2017.

The final day of the IMP Opening Conference started off with one of our annual highlights. This year’s Kirsten Peter Rabitsch Award was presented to Mareike Roth, a former PhD-Student in the lab of Johannes Zuber at the IMP.

Mareike joined the IMP in 2011 after finishing her Master’s thesis in Darren Hart’s lab at the EMBL Grenoble.

During her five years at the IMP, Mareike focused her research-efforts on exploring chromatin dependencies in cancer. Her findings have major implications for our basic understanding of chromatin-associated driver mutations and the further development and use of epigenetic cancer therapeutics.

The prize, which is worth 2,000 Euros, is awarded each year to the most promising PhD student at either the IMP or IMBA. It was installed in 2006 by the IMP and the family of Kirsten Rabitsch, who passed away shortly after completing his PhD in the lab of Kim Nasmyth. Kirsten was a brilliant young scientist and is remembered fondly by those who knew him. The award keeps this memory alive and inspires young talents at the Vienna BioCenter.

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