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Quantitative Proteomics Seminar

15 Apr 2009

This workshop focuses on quantitative techniques in mass spectrometry-based proteomics, broadly defined. While recent years have seen an ever growing demand for mass spectrometric data in biological research, there is a robust and rapidly increasing trend for analyzing proteomic samples in a quantitative fashion. The continuing emergence of new and improved mass spectrometric instrumentation, novel labeling techniques and informatics data interpretation tools makes quantitative mass spectrometry an especially vibrant and challenging field within bioanalytical chemistry.

Quantitative mass spectrometry can be defined by extending the natural analytical power of mass spectrometry to quantitative features, either relative or absolute quantification of molecular species, such as protein or peptides.

Topics and invited speakers for the conference have been selected around this basic theme. We aimed for a balance between different disciplines and topics, with particular emphasis on biological applications of quantitative mass spectrometry, data interpretation, novel technologies and, most importantly, practical issues in the implementation of these techniques.

Applicants are very welcomed to submit an abstract describing their recent work, which will be either presented at the poster secession or as a short talk during the meeting.