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Open Call: Birnstiel Award 2020

14 May 2020

The Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP) and Max Birnstiel Foundation have opened the 2020 call for the International Birnstiel Award for Doctoral Research in Molecular Life Sciences.

Due to the high number of exceptionally good nominees last year (more than 100 nominations from four continents), the organisers decided to double the number of prizes to six this year.

The award, established last year, targets doctoral students at an advanced stage of their dissertation or recent PhD graduates (for the current call, graduations back to 30 June 2019), whose research has contributed to outstanding discoveries in the field.

Awardees each receive a trophy, certificate and cash prize of 2,000 euros. Nominations are accepted from authorised persons such as department chairs or PhD programme coordinators, with only one nomination accepted per department or programme. The deadline for nominations is 30 June 2020.

Students who completed their PhDs at Austrian institutions or individuals with personal links to the IMP are exempted.

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