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New video portrays Vienna’s bustling life science scene

03 Apr 2019

In a new image video, the life science platform LISA Vienna captures the unique mix of Vienna’s traditional appeal and its dynamic life science scene. The IMP and other locations at the Vienna BioCenter served as filming locations.

“Driven by curiosity, inspired by our city, equipped with knowledge and supported by technology - come and see… We are life sciences!” is the motto of a new video presented by Life Sciences Austria. Launched in the frame of the BIO-Europe Spring in the city end of March, it portrays Vienna as a city of life and sciences. The short clip provides a dynamic mix of impressions from outstanding research hot spots and famous sights – including several locations within the IMP and other sites at the Vienna BioCenter.

Peter Halwachs and Johannes Sarx, Managing Directors of the life science platform LISAvienna, said: “The Vienna BioCenter is one of the city’s outstanding hotspots for innovation in the life sciences. Some 50 ERC grants and a growing number of start-ups are clear signs of an extraordinary combination of research, business and education. Watch out for all the excellent research institutions at the campus in our new video!”

Vienna is one of Europe’s most dynamic life science hubs and Austria’s leading city for biotech, pharma, and medical device companies, as well as the related fields of research. According to LISAvienna, the pharmaceutical industry has become Vienna’s most important business sector: export goods worth 3.6 billion Euro are manufactured in the city each year and the industry has invested one billion Euro in new facilities recently. Together, Vienna’s life science companies generate 12.2 billion Euro in revenues annually and invest some 750 million Euro in Research and Development. The sector is composed of 555 companies, research institutions and other organisations in Vienna employing 38,000 people.

About LISAvienna

LISAvienna is Vienna’s central life science platform, jointly operated by the Austrian Federal Promotional Bank „austria wirtschaftsservice” and the Vienna Business Agency on behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs and the City of Vienna. Free services, especially for start-ups focusing on biotechnology, pharma and medical devices including digital health are provided.