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More than 600 at VBC for 'Long Night of Research 2018'

16 Apr 2018

Last Friday's "Lange Nacht der Forschung" (Long Night of Research), Austria’s biggest scientific outreach event, saw a new participation record: 228,000 visitors attended events throughout the country – more than 600 came to the Vienna BioCenter.

The Long Night of Research is a biennial science outreach event: research organisations throughout Austria open their doors to engage with the public, especially families and children. This year’s participation set a new record high – 228,000 visitors joined events at 260 individual locations. One of them was the Vienna BioCenter, where, hosted by IMBA and the Vienna Open Lab, the IMP also maintained a stand.

Andrea Pauli and her research group presented zebrafish embryos, larvae and adults and explained interested crowds why this species is such a rewarding model in developmental biology. Other exhibitors included GMI and MFPL, but also VBC companies such as Thermo Fisher and the start-up service INITs, showcasing the diversity of entities that are part of the Vienna BioCenter.

By the time the event closed at 11 pm, more than 600 visitors attended, many of them commenting enthusiastically on the exhibition and activities.

Long Night of Research: Photo Gallery