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Microsymposium on Small RNAs 2016

08 Mar 2016

The 11th Microsymposium on Small RNAs, which will take place May 2th to 4th, 2016 at IMBA, Vienna, Austria. The Microsymposium is a three day international conference that brings together young scientists, junior and senior group leaders, and company representatives from all over the world to present and discuss their latest findings in the exciting field of small RNAs.

The Microsymposium was founded in 2005 and has established itself as the major small RNA meeting in Europe. It is organized by the three research institutions IMBA, IMP, and GMI, as well as by the RNA community of the Vienna Biocenter. We have once again assembled a very exciting program with outstanding scientists and speakers, which you can find in the attached poster.

To keep up with the tradition, the conference includes a PhD Student Workshop. From the submitted abstracts (until March 15th) ten students will be selected as speakers.
Travel and accommodation for these students will be covered by us.

The Microsymposium is entirely financed by biotech companies, scientific societies, leading journals, the city of Vienna, and the research institutions IMBA, IMP, and GMI. These generous contributions make the Microsymposium a registration-free meeting for all its participants!

Looking forward to welcoming you in Vienna,

Stefan Ameres
Julius Brennecke
Luisa Cochella
Javier Martinez
Michael Nodine