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MedUni Vienna and IMP strengthen their cooperation

07 Apr 2017

Cooperation agreement reached on better utilisation of synergies in teaching and research

The Medical University of Vienna and the Research Institute of Molecular Pathology GmbH (IMP) have signed a cooperation agreement to further strengthen their cooperation and make better use of synergies in the future.

There are specific projects, primarily in the area of teaching and research, that will be redrawn or initiated by this agreement: for example, IMP employees can be appointed as MedUni Vienna lecturers or PhD supervisors. For the duration of their appointment, these lecturers will be given the functional title of Visiting Professors. Furthermore, MedUni Vienna can confer the title of Adjunct Professor on around ten IMP employees, who are in management positions and have extensive scientific experience, for a period of three years, at the proposal of the IMP management.

Moreover, employees of IMP and MedUni Vienna will have access to advanced training offerings of both institutions – as well as to the conditions of employment. Both partners to the agreement are also keen to conduct more joint research projects.