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Martina Minnich wins Karl Landsteiner Award 2017

18 Nov 2016

IMP scientist Martina Minnich, a postdoc with Meinrad Busslinger’s lab, is awarded this year’s “Karl Landsteiner Preis” for her paper “Multifunctional role of the transcription factor Blimp-1 in coordinating plasma cell differentiation”.

In this publication, Minnich and her colleagues characterise a regulator for the function of plasma cells, which play a key role in our immune system. You can find more information on the paper in a related press release from last January.

The „Karl Landsteiner Preis“ is awarded by the Austrian Society for Allergology and Immunology (ÖGAI) annually since 1988. It is endowed with 3,000 EUR.

The award is given in recognition of basic research in the field of immunology as presented in a specific study and named after the Austrian physiologist Karl Landsteiner.

Laureates are first authors of relevant papers that have not previously received a scientific award and which were published in an international peer-review journal in the two years prior. Laureates are selected from the members of the ÖGAI.

The IMP family congratulates Martina and the Busslinger Lab for this great achievement.