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Lauwers Award for Matthias Muhar

09 Nov 2017

In the frame of the annual Vienna BioCenter PhD Students’ Symposium, this year's Mattias Lauwers Award was presented to Matthias Muhar, a student in the lab of Johannes Zuber.

Lauwers laureate Matthias Muhar is a PhD student in the Vienna BioCenter PhD Programme, working on the characterisation of cancer genes in the lab of Johannes Zimmer at the IMP.

Through his research, Matthias seeks to understand the roles of transcription factors and regulatory pathways in physiology and diseases, such as cancer. Matthias combines CRISPR genome engineering, targeted protein degradation, and SLAM-seq, a method that was recently developed by the group of Stefan Ameres at the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (IMBA). 

The Mattias Lauwers Award recognizes a student who has given the best presentation at a Vienna BioCenter Monday Seminar in the current year. The award is named after the late Mattias Lauwers, a talented young PhD Student in the group of David Keays, who tragically died in the course of a sports accident.

The Lauwers family created the award and the criteria for it aim to reflect Mattias’ dedication to research and his skills in presenting it to peers and colleagues. The students of the VBC PhD Programme nominate who they consider the best speaker and, based on these nominations, the VBC PhD Steering Committee selects a laureate. The Lauwers family traditionally presents the award at the VBC PhD Symposium.

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