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Kirsten Rabitsch Award 2011 for Constance Richter

06 Oct 2011

Constance Richter from the lab of Jürgen Knoblich receives the Kirsten Rabitsch Award for her work "The tumour suppressor L(3)mbt inhibits neuroepithelial proliferation and acts on insulator elements" which was published in Nature Cell Biology earlier this year.

Constance, born 1979 in Leipzig/Germany, studied biology in Marburg, Paris, Berlin und Boston. 2005 she started her PhD in Jürgen Knoblich's lab and graduated in February 2011. Since then she continues her research as a postdoc at IMBA.

The "Kirsten Peter Rabitsch Award” was established in 2006 in memoriam of a talented young scientist who had died under tragic circumstances earlier that year. Kirsten Peter Rabitsch was a former PhD Student in Kim Namsyth’s lab at the IMP. His sudden death ended a promising career in science and left the institute in shock. The award, worth 2000 Euros, is sponsored by the parents of Kirsten and by the IMP. It is bestowed annually to honour the most outstanding discovery of a PhD-Student at either the IMP or IMBA.

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