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Kirsten Peter Rabitsch Award 2013 for Amalie Dick

03 Oct 2013

On October 3, Amalie Dick received this year’s Kirsten Peter Rabitsch Award for her outstanding work on the kinetic framework of spindle assembly checkpoint signalling. Amalie is a PhD Student in the lab of Daniel Gerlich at IMBA. She started working towards her PhD at the ETH Zurich and moved to Vienna in March 2012, together with Daniel.
The award, which is worth 2000 Euros, was installed in 2006 by the IMP and the family of Kirsten Peter Rabitsch, a brilliant young scientist who died tragically shortly after completing his PhD at the IMP. The memory of Kirsten is still vivid among those who knew him and is honoured by the annual award-ceremony in the presence of his father, Hermann Rabitsch.
Cell biologist Angelika Amon, herself an alumna of the IMP and Professor at the MIT in Cambridge, presented the award and congratulated Amalie Dick.

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