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"Kirsten Peter Rabitsch Award 2010" for Martin Häsemeyer

06 Oct 2010

Martin Häsemeyer has been a Doctoral Student in Barry Dickson’s group since 2006 and obtained his PhD in May of this year. He receives the award for his work on the control of the post-mating response in Drosophila melanogaster. Martin used the post-mating switch as a model system to find out how the nervous system integrates external and internal information to come to a decision.

The "Kirsten Peter Rabitsch Award” is bestowed annually to honour the most outstanding discovery of a PhD-Student at either the IMP or IMBA. The prize is sponsored by the IMP and the family of Kirsten Peter Rabitsch, a former PhD Student who died tragically in 2006. He is remembered as a brilliant young scientist by his friends and colleagues.

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