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Job title change: Senior Scientists now Senior Group Leaders

11 May 2023

The IMP has made a change to the job titles of faculty: group leaders with a rolling tenure, previously called “Senior Scientists” are now called “Senior Group Leaders”. Old news items on this website will not be updated. 

Since the late 1980s, members of the IMP faculty that headed senior groups were called “Senior Scientists”. This job title was now changed to “Senior Group Leader”. The new job title aims to better capture the actual role of Senior Group Leaders, who are tenured principal investigators.  

The change affects only the job title, all other work conditions remain the same. Throughout the website, we have updated the job title, except for this section. Old news items and press releases will be treated as historic and keep the job title as it was at the time of publication. 

Currently, the IMP has 15 research groups. Five of them are “junior groups”, eight are “senior groups”. Senior Groups are slightly bigger and Senior Group Leaders are on a rolling tenure, which means that their research is evaluated by the Scientific Advisory Board once every five years as a basis for contract extensions, but their employment with the IMP is not limited.