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Jan-Michael Peters elected corresponding member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences

22 May 2012

Jan-Michael Peters, Senior Scientist and Deputy Director at the IMP, is among the fifteen scientists working in Austria who were elected new corresponding members of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW). The names were announced during the annual ceremonial session of the ÖAW on 9 May, 2012.

Jan-Michael Peters joined the IMP as a group leader in 1996. He is an expert in mitotic cell division and received numerous awards for his research achievements, including the EMBO Young Investigator Award, the Novartis Research Prize and the Wittgenstein Award by the Austrian federal government. Peters is a member of the European Molecular Biology Organisation EMBO. As coordinator of the EU Integrating Project MitoSys, he is leading a major interdisciplinary and international research effort in the area of cell division.